About Us

Stephanie Martin and Natalie Newman are two friends who decided to open a women’s clothing store and provide both local women and women online with stylish and affordable clothing in a wide range of sizes.
We met in 2013 at our workplace at the time. We became good friends very quickly. We eventually ended up working in the same department for three years! During that time we finished our undergraduate degrees at Western Carolina University. When we realized that our educational achievements would take us down different career paths, we vowed to stay close by selling clothing together online. Eventually though, our online business (and maybe separation anxiety) would lead us to want to open an actual storefront. Thus, Regina Nicole Boutique was born on April 27, 2018.
The name Regina Nicole, is a combination of our middle names. Stephanie Regina and Natalie Nicole. Two best friends just doing this boutique thing, together.
We want you to feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful when you shop with us.
We hope that you will enjoy the styles that we bring you as we go on this journey together!