6 Reasons To Shop Your Local Boutique

6 Reasons To Shop Your Local Boutique

Posted by Natalie Newman on Feb 25th 2019

6 Reasons You Should Shop A Local Boutique

1. Style beyond the box (or mall).

Big box stores and chain retail outlets, like those found in malls, order large quantities of the same pieces and put those shirts or scarves or pairs of shoes in many of their stores, something you won’t find in the average local boutique. Boutiques typically order a limited quantity of a style which means you won’t have to worry too much about seeing five other people at the local grocery store wearing the same dress as you. Not to mention, boutiques often have a certain personality and boutique owners create that personality by curating styles that fit it. For instance, a boho chic boutique in your downtown shopping district will provide you with a selection of pieces that just cannot be found in a one-stop-shop megastore, because small stores shop with you in mind. Shopping at your local boutique allows you to find pieces that are unique so that you can express your style as an individual.

2. Become a trend setter.

With limited stock comes trend setting responsibility! Since a local boutique is not churning out 1000 of the same graphic tee, you have the chance to be one of the few people rocking a particular piece. You get to be a local trend setter. People will ask where you got your stylin’ new outfit, and you get to name a local boutique instead of saying you got it from the ol’ Huge Generic Big Mart box store.

3. Personalized customer service.

Local service comes from the heart. You won’t feel like you’re being thrown a sales pitch while you are trying on clothes. You’ll get employees who care and enjoy working for a local boutique and enjoy you as a customer. Small business boutiques are a fun place to work because they leave out all of the corporate stresses, and you as a shopper get the benefit of being in on the fun atmosphere created because of this. It’s likely that you’ll get to know and create a friendship with those working in the local boutique. They will probably remember your name and they will smile, delighted to see you come in for the first time or when you return to shop again and again!

4. Fashion for you.

A local boutique is shopping for new fashion with their local customers in mind. They take suggestions and listen to you. When you shop with your local boutique, you get clothes that are in-line with regional trends and even seasonal changes. They often will carry pieces that allow you to show your love for your hometown, nearby landmarks, local inside jokes, or even sports team in the surrounding area.

5. No waiting for your package to arrive.

Online shopping is great, but sometimes you need that dress for dinner same-day. You can walk into your local boutique and pick out your entire outfit and take it home with you that day. Need a quick gift for a friend’s birthday that you forgot about, you can surely find something one-of-a-kind by shopping local!

6. Supporting the local economy.

Shop local, help the local economy. Your local boutique provides jobs that helps support the local economy. Small businesses also give back to the community through providing local events, donating to local causes, and overall helping your community grow.